Basketball Director Information

The Bridesburg Cougars are actively looking for a Basketball Director. The Director of Basketball’s main job is to oversee the general operations of the basketball league. Some of the basic list of duties include, cooperating and working with the Cougars to ensure the success of the league and its growth, adhering to policies and regulations, implementing and enforcing the policies and rules of the league, interacting with players, teams, captains/coaches and fans, supervising league activities and the facilities to ensure safety and smooth operation, coordinating league budgets and finances, overseeing/Implementing the following duties below scheduling, collecting team registration and fees, communicating with teams/league schedulers, purchasing and presenting trophies, organizing gym and site facilities.

We are looking for an individual with some sort of experience in running a league or tournament whether that experience comes from being a volunteer, staff personnel or a director. The Director of Basketball must prove that he or she has good communication skills because he or she may be called upon to resolve conflicts, conduct meetings between staff, volunteers and league participants and make presentations.