Cheerleading Director Information

Trish Fries- Cheerleading Director 267-307-3290— cheerleading is a new sport the Cougars just took on 4 years ago. Every year we get bigger and better. The 2012-2013 year we had 2 squads 8 & under and 12 & under. Both squads managing to bring home trophies in a local cheer competition held at Father Judge High School in December, not so bad for our very first competition!

We have some great Coaches and volunteers and also have secured 3 new Coaches for next year that bring with them experience, knowledge and tricks to the trade. We hope to make every year not only a learning experience for the kids and parents to be proud of but for memories and friendships that will last forever. That is what being a Bridesburg Cougars cheerleader is all about.
Every year for me as the Director is also a learning experience and I have as well made life long friends within our organization and also with other organizations. I have learned so much about cheerleading it scares me but I love it and when I see those kids cheering their hearts out and how happy they are—- it makes me proud to be apart of this great Organization “Bridgesburg Cougars”!!!
I have been a Bridesburg Cougar since I was 5 years old. Playing sports, Coaching Basketball and Softball, Being the Treasurer for 4 years and now the Cheerleading Director. I was pretty much raised and groomed to be a part of this organization with my Father being one of the original board members— so personally seeing the success of this club means a whole lot to me and my family!
Trish Fries’ email address is Please contact directors via email unless an absolute emergency. If an absolute emergency Trish’s phone number is (267) 307-3290. Thank you.