Cougars FAQs – Click on the question below to see the answer

Can I drop my child off at a practice or game and pick them up afterwards?

It is strongly suggested that you stay the entire time for both games and practices.

Who will be my child/rens coach?

Teams that do not already have coaches, coaches will be determined at the end of that particular sports sign-ups.

Who is responsible for getting my child to games and practices?

You as the parent are responsible for making sure your child gets to and from all practices and games both home away safely.

Where are baseball home games played?

All travel baseball/softball games for 11/12 and under will be played at the bridge field.  Ages 13/14 and over for baseball/softball will be played at the Recreation Center on Richmond & Buckius Streets.

Where are home games for outdoor travel soccer?

U-11 and under will be at the bridge field and U-12 and over will be played at the Bridesburg Recreation Field.

Where are our home games played for basketball?

All home games for travel basketball will be played at the Bridesburg Recreation Center on Richmond and Buckius Streets

When will my child/ren have practice?

Practice times will be determined by field/court availability and your head coaches schedule.

What are the ages for House & Travel?

House league is 3 to 6 and travel league is 7 to 18.