Calendar Information Sheet – PLEASE TURN IN ASAP

Updated: March 16, 2015

Just a reminder to those who registered either at the Rec center or Online…you MUST return the Lottery Calendar Information sheet that was attached to your calendars….if you DO NOT turn it in, you will NOT be considered a winner until you do. So if your number comes out April 1st and you don’t hand in your sheet until April 15th…you did not win. This sheet is the ONLY way we know that your number is out there.

There are 3 ways to hand in your sheets:

1 -You may either bring your form to the next General Meeting which is TODAY…Monday, March 16th starting at 7pm.
2 – Bring it to the Bridesburg Rec Center. There is an envelope in the office marked “Cougars Lottery Sheets” Just ask for Ms. Jackie or John.
3 – Bring it to the snack shack when the shack is open. The shack is only open after Opening that is after the April 1st date.

Thank you for your help!
Go Cougars!!!!!

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