Online Registrations Now Open for the 2014 Basketball Season

Updated: September 18, 2014
Online Basketball Registration


We have implemented a secure and simple online registration system beginning with the 2014 Basketball sign-ups that are currently in motion.  The online registration form is located here and can be accessed for future use on the above “Online Registrations” navigation button for all sports.  At this time, we will be taking only Basketball registrations online.  It is live and open now to take your basketball registrations. We will keep you posted on other sports as they become available.

Leagues information is as follows:

  • House – 3 to 6 year old players – $50.00
  • Travel – 7 to 18 year old players – $100.00

Please note Director, Darcella Pedone, will still be accepting manual registrations on the dates previously mentioned on the site here.   All online payments will be processed through PayPal’s secure network.  I repeat, all payments will be processed through PayPal’s secure network.  No credit card or PayPal account information will be processed by the Cougars website.  We will only receive the Registration Applications that you are completing prior to hitting the submit button.  All fields marked with an * are required.   But do not worry, if you miss a question the system will remind you to answer it by highlighting the missed required question(s) after you hit submit, i.e. if you are not pushed over to the website for payment you know you missed answering a question(s) on the form.

You do not need a PayPal account to register.  All major credit cards are accepted.  A simple instruction video was created to help anyone with questions.  It includes step-by-step instructions and can be watched below.  If you have questions regarding the form after watching the video please email us at or complete the online contact form here.

Follow these instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete all required fields and hit the submit button only once at the bottom of the form and wait to be routed to the secure payment gateway website.
  3. If you have a PayPal account, fill in your information and login there.  If you do not and/or are paying by credit card please click that option and complete the credit card fields.
  4. Click Pay and that’s it.
  5. Once registrations have completed the teams will be put together and following that you will be contacted with coach and league information. We will keep everyone posted.

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